Sunday, May 1, 2011

What happens when there just isn't anything to say...

This could be my downfall. This could be why there are times I don't write here. I obviously didn't have a topic for yesterday which is why the page remained blank. I don't have one for today either, but felt bad not writing as I promised.

Plan on getting out in the yard again today. Spent a little time in it a few days ago. The back deck needs my attention today. Plan on getting a little spot set up for the garden to go in. See? How boring is my life?

I love working in the yard. I really do, but I am having color issues with it! I don't have any spring blooms. All my green is coming in fine but my floral color comes later in summer. Boo! I need to plant some spring stuff...blah blah blah.


My brother just called. He is my weekend warrior. Hangs out with me when I am bored. Shampooing the carpet...Raking the backyard. He doesn't care. He is as bored as I am most of the time. HA! He is handi-capable. As long as I have coffee he is happy.

The kids are at a birthday party today. Doesn't happen often that the house is empty. I usually spend that alone time cleaning with nobody walking behind me to mess it up! Love it!

Okay, well if you have never read this blog before I am sure you will never sorry. This is not my normal effort. Please see prior attempts. I am gonna go with I have not had enough coffee....

Maybe I will write before bed later when something meaningful has happened. Or at least when I have had a functional amount of caffeine.

My book at least isn't this horrible. Even I can say that! Have you checked it out yet? Website remember is
There is big news on the horizon! Can't wait to share that here! Okay...gotta go get the brother so I can start cleaning the deck. Maybe we will grill something! He will love that!

Until next time,

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