Thursday, May 6, 2010

From the Windy State of Confusion...aka Colorado

I write from the state of confusion...aka Colorado. The windy state of confusion. Not only does the wind literally blow, but the mental wind also blows. The mental state of confusion on being here and missing home.
I miss my kids, my house, my friends. I miss Natalie. I miss Iowa. I miss things being mine.
I am here to help my mother and although I love's not my stuff to sell, keep or throw away so I can not choose to do so. So, I ask and I wait. Minds are changed two or three times. Justifications are made, excuses are heard. Explanations are listened to....ugh!
I miss Iowa. I miss my kids. I miss my house. I miss my family.

I miss Daddy.
This is his stuff and he should be here...mad that I moved everything!
Until next time (sorry...can't write right now)