Monday, May 16, 2011

Who is This Man and Why is He Following Me Around?

So, apparently there is a man in my future. He's around my age, I think. Maybe; wait, actually a bit younger. He's dark headed. Tall. Thin but not skinny. Attractive enough but not dashingly handsome. I don't know where he came from or where he is going. He's married. He has at least one child; a boy.
As a writer, I deal with this "invasion" of my personal space daily. I usually don't mind at all as they generally stay pretty dormant until I call on them. This one, however, is quite, the intruder. He just barged his way into my life and is demanding his story be told.
I will, of course, honor that request and do whatever I can for him. His world has become mine and mine is now his. He is my latest character in a world of many. His story is unfolding to me as I write it and as soon as I know more, I will share.
For those of you who have asked for the rest of Sippy's story...well, that may have to wait. A sequel may come someday, but for now, I have this man following me around. And I must give him his time.
Oh, and he likes baseball. Lord, help me. Does anybody out there know anything about baseball?
I guess I should be grateful...could have been the rodeo clown or folk singer that asked to play. At least I know a little about baseball.

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