But, it beats hanging out at the local bar, right? Okay, no it doesn't, but, well anyway. [insert reassurance that was humor-I do NOT hang out at the local bar--really prefer the one across town--hee hee]

So, I have been playing and there are some cool blogs out there. So, I'm going to share some. Now, if you aren't here, there could be many reasons.
#1 I didn't see any of that cool code that when I copy & paste to mine, it makes a pretty picture.
#2 I just decided to do this today and I followed you yesterday, which means I have to go find you again. [This page is a WIP-hang in there, comment me, or just pout-the choice is yours]:)
#3 This is your first visit here and thereby, still a stranger to me, so follow ME already, and I will take a look. If you come back and you still aren't here...see any other reasons that may apply.
#4 I may get bored quickly, distracted, or completely lost and forget to keep coming here to do this.
#5 I might get inspired to go WRITE something profitable [ROFLMAO!!!Gosh, I am a newbie, huh?]
#6 Kids may want to eat. [WHEN do they stop DOING that?]

Here goes...
WAIT! Before you go clicking like a crazy fool, FOLLOW MINE! ----> 

Yep, I got me some of that cute code that makes a pretty picture. [on knees bowing to Mike at Just 2 Techy]
See, once you start clicking, it's like a time machine and you will be forever lost in a wonderful, beautiful world, but you will forget where you were! 
Can't figure out how to make those suckers open in a new tab...[UGH! Newbies!]
Okay, did you follow here?
Then you are free to go! Have fun!

Have Sippy Will Travel
Crazy Town Mayor

Ramblings & MoreBook Soulmates

That's what I got for now. I need coffee, a good stretch, and I should probably go write something...they are getting rowdy!
Talk to you later!