Friday, April 29, 2011

I Need To Get Out More....

Just spent some time reading all of my posts. I really need to get out more.LOL!
I realized I promised a book cover and never posted so I will this time. ROCKS, doesn't it? The book has changed my world. I am not famous. I am not rich...looking for a job, in fact. (At least until Ellen calls....LOL) And it isn't on the shelves at K-Mart, although it is a few local stores and quite a few places in Colorado. I am more known there than in my home town...HA HA!
There is big news brewing though....keeping it under my hat for now but it is BIG! I am excited about it.
I'm also excited about the Royal Wedding though, too, so don't order balloons yet.
My kids thought I was silly for watching the Royal Wedding that started at 3 am my time. I tried to tell them it was crazy not to, but they just didn't get it. Guess I am just a sucker for romance and royality. It was worth it!
Okay, well I have already posted today and quite frankly, need to be doing something outside. Three weeks of rain and clouds....I NEED THE SUN that is shining today.
Just wanted to post the cover...

Will search my day for a topic for tomorrow....

Until tomorrow,

For a Writer, I Sure Suck at Blogging....

What is the most asked question I get? Or what is the biggest piece of advice I receive? "Do you blog?' And "Oh, you need to blog"...
Well, truth is. I suck at it. I will do really well for a few days and then I just get caught up or bogged down or just plain lazy, but I stop.
The reason? Honestly, if I am not in a story, so to speak, well, I just get bored. Like what I might be thinking or feeling is relatively unimportant or only important to me. Other than that, I tend to just ramble and ultimately don't say too much...or more than enough, depending on your perspective.

The other issue I have of course is that no one reads them!! Seriously, if you are reading this, I am amazed. I am under the impression no one is reading as no one is following. And I know the correct term here would be noBODY but frankly, I am just focused on one right now. One would at least mean there IS life out there...(see early blogs as they address this very issue)

But, for the possibility that someone, anybody, is reading this....what to blog about?
Blogs, of course. After all, I started with that....might as well finish it.

Okay, so we know I can write. I have a book out there, after all. Oh and if you don't know that, you may want to start with an earlier edition of my rambling to fully grasp the reality of my life. And you will see that I was writing a book, finished a book and published a book. And if you are curious beyond that, you can visit my book's website at But read this first. I am taking all this time to write it, you know.
Okay, so now what? Yeah, I am still asking that question. Ellen hasn't stopped by to dance, Oprah hasn't called, Regis and Kelly have not asked me on the show...etc. Men think I have stepped into a "pot of gold" with my good fortune and stopped asking me to coffee. Okay, hell, they never did ask me to coffee! But,I am blaming this now and not lack of interest on their part.

So, what now? Well, blog. Blog. Blog. Blog.
Apparently there is something to this. Blog about anything. Comment on other blogs. Turn blogs into full articles and submit them to online publications. Blog.
Blog about your book. Blog about yourself. Blog about others' books. Blog about others.

My response of course has been. "oh I have a blog. No-one reads it!"

Well, I will try to be faithful this time. I will blog every other day. NO! I will blog daily. That is apparently the way to get out there. Be prepared though. If nothing happens to me, I will end up putting my daily menu on here. Maybe how many times my daughter's cat vomited (it does that a lot).
But, I will blog daily. I will try to find other blogs to comment on. Oh yeah, and then I will twitter about it. Forgot that one. After I blog and comment on blogs and blog some more, I am supposed to twitter about it. I don't have a lot of followers there either...but the ones I have ROCK! (that's right guys, you ROCK!)

Okay so the plan is until Ellen or Oprah or Regis or Kelly or one of the hundreds of people who have my book and think it's the shinizzle, I will blog.
I can not promise wisdom. I can not promise you will walk away with anything more than you had. I can not promise you will not waste precious minutes of your time, but I can promise I will try to be here everyday. I can promise I will always be honest although I may hide that with sarcasm. I will try to be witty although I may hide that with sarcasm. The only thing I won't hide-well, is sarcasm. I am pretty upfront with that.

So, there you have it. The new blogs. The aftermath. The what now. The good fortune! I am fortunate. Don't ever get me wrong on that note. My publisher is fabulous and I am eternally grateful for them taking a chance on my book. I just need to do my part to get it out there. Into the hands of people who want to read it.

So, here you go. My book is Just Sippy. It's the inspirational story of an eleven year old girl in the 70's who finds out a secret about her family. She meets a forty-three-year old hippie cousin and they become best friends. The story is their 30 year life together. They learn about life, love, rock and roll, God, and each other.

More information can be found at the website
There is a book trailer you can view there as well.
Hope you stop by the website.
Hope you stop back here. Read the past blogs too.

Until next time,