Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Really Just Want To Cut My Hair

Am I really going to talk about my hair? Of course not! I'm not THAT boring! Okay, that's a lie. I truly am that boring but I am still not going to talk about my hair. Just didn't have anything else on my mind at the moment.
Okay, so what am I going to talk about? Let's see. I want to back to school. You know, do some online stuff. Maybe a meteorology class. Get my BA degree. That would rock, actually. So, why don't I? I have no answer for that.
Does anyone out there watch American Idol? Well, you should! It was awesome tonight. This is one of the hardest years! They are all so good.
Going to Omaha this weekend. Have a book signing. That's right. For all you Omahaians-I will be at Jason's Deli on Dodge from 1:30-3:00 on Saturday, May 7, 2011. That's right. Come grab some lunch and while you are at it, get a book! I will be there to answer questions, pose for pictures, and sign your copy! There. My pitch for the day. I think we are going to try to give free carnations with each book. A little Mother's Day promotion! Be sure to visit to learn about the book if you don't already know. Oh and those who have been there, it's been re-designed so check it out. Mother's Day gift to myself! HA
Speaking of Mother's Day. Do you have your wish list done? I have mine. Wanna here it? Here goes:
A black, Craftsman self-propelled, rear bag mower/mulcher with a Honda engine and a 22" cut, a white Whirlpool dishwasher with Eco Wash, Quick wash, and self cleaning filter, a ProSport treadmill with built in web browser and 32 workout apps, and a Dr. Pepper.
I will let ya know how I make out. I am pretty sure I will get the Dr. Pepper!
Originally, I had asked God for a nice eligible bachelor with a lawn mower. Then I realized I just wanted the lawn mower. And a dishwasher. The treadmill was an after thought. Then I figured, well, crap, if I have a treadmill, I can drink a flippin' Dr. Pepper.
So, that is really all I have for today. I will finish up loose ends tomorrow to ready myself for Omaha. Driving over so leaving Friday afternoon. And then will head back on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day with the kiddos. Would like to grill. Maybe work in the yard a little. Need to get the garden ready. I hate tilling the garden! Maybe I should have put that on my list...HA! know what I REALLY want?

I really just want to cut my hair! (you saw that one coming, right?)
Until next time,

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