Thursday, June 24, 2010

Back in my own land...

Sorry i stopped writing from Colorado. I just couldn't keep up and the negative energy flowed and I won't do that here.
I am home now and back in my own own room, my own bed, my own rules. HA! That is a funny thought that I control this destiny. I so don't.

My life is controlled by outside forces as is everyones. Jobs, work, money, kids, friends...all is controlled. My life as of right now is controlled by my book, my kids, my house...and my money.

Life is good. It is exactly the way it should be. I am happy. I hope my kids are. Granted my son would prefer more frozen pizza and my daughter more mac and cheese. One daughter would prefer less cigarettes and two of my kids would prefer better transportation than they currently have, but overall, happiness is evident.

Goals are still waiting to be reached, however, and deadlines are looming near. It's been a great ride though and although times are about to change, we are ready for those changes. Maybe not welcoming them, but ready all the same.

Friends are plentiful all the way around and that is always a great thing. Great times and good friends. True friends. Not the people you know of or have heard of but the ones that walk in without knocking and can text at all hours...those kind of friends. True ones. The ones who know your parents. The ones who borrow money and pay it back. The ones who would never eat the last oreo or drink the last beer but yet, you wouldn't get mad if they did. Yep, those kinds of friends. We got those!!

So, all in all, life is good. We have sadness and turmoil. But we help each other through it. We have laughs and humor! We have a great time!

That's all for now. It's great to be home, back in my own land!
Until next time,