So I decided I needed a page of sappy stuff...
Occasionally, I will write without the cloud of sarcasm or any ray of humor. Sometimes, I will just write. Now, up until this page creation, that writing has been in the regular blog. Most of those are buried in the beginning it's creation and must be unearthed. You may find some of that sentiment in blogs entitled Tribute to a Friend (2010), My Daughter..Songwriter, Singer, Poet(2010), or In The Joe Zone (2011)

I will not promise daily sentiment but every now and then you may find a new post here. So, why, you may ask did I create this page? Well, I did it to post a very special review I received about my book. (And note-this will not be filled with "book stuff"-it just happens to be what triggered the need for this page)

See, I was blessed many years ago and given the friendship of a very special person. She was only about 4 years younger than me but when you are 13 and 17, that gap seems a lot bigger. But, despite that age difference, we became best friends.
She would listen to my poetry and anything else I would write. She would let me play whatever music I liked. She would come over and help me get chores done, so we could go "play". She helped me search for 3 litters of kittens that 3 different Mama cats had hidden all over my garage before either my dogs ate them or my parents got home. (both events having devastating consequences)
She would listen to me babble on and on over what boy at school I thought was cute and she let me cry for days and days over the one who broke my heart. ( *and if you are reading KNOW who you are-I forgive you, by the way!*)
From skating on her driveway, tanning in the backyard, and watching the traveling church people get a lesson from the Spanish Preacher (LMAO) to flirting with the boy down the street, listening to endless hours of Pat Benetar and REO Speedwagon, or crying profusely when I left California to return to Iowa, my heart is full of life with her and my memories are endless.
So, now, here I am, more than 30 years later and thanks to the internet, that girl is back in my life. Four years age difference isn't anything as we share the same dilemma's and triumphs in life--success and frustrations in our jobs, children growing up and moving away, men, wine, coffee, friends, and life.
She contacted me today. She read my book. And she wrote a review. She asked that I share it. I want to share that with you here.
Please know that I am touched by her words. The words of this awesome woman that I am proud and honored to call my friend.

First as a Facebook Wall Post was this:  
I wasn't sure to post my book review so I sent it to you via personal message. Please post it in the appropriate place for all to see... I LOVED IT AND I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

This was in her message:
Just Sippy book review:
Just Sippy is the story of an amazing journey of friendship, revelation and growing up. It made me laugh, cry and stroll down the memory lane of my own childhood. It gave me a stronger appreciation for the things in life that matter and helped me let go of the things that do not. But most importantly it filled me with an enormous amount of pride and adoration for a woman that has truly accomplished her dream and a woman that I am blessed to call my FRIEND.
I have read many books in my lifetime but none that I have actually known Author. What an interesting perspective that places on the reader as I could literally SEE you lounging on the bed, wearing cut off Levis, with Rick Springfield blasting in the background surrounded by books, paper and pens ….
I remember reading your poetry for hours and giving you my reviews and longing to one day be half the writer you were (are). After almost 30 years of friendship I still feel like that same little girl, admiring you accomplishments and realizing your dreams as if you still lived across the street. You have always been an inspiration, my JILLY!
My heart is filled with such pride that it’s impossible to describe… I can’t wait for the next book!
I.L.Y ~ Ronnie

*Note from Me, Kimberly:
Yes, I listened to Rick Springfield! Don't judge me! LMAO!! And, yes, even as a "wicked cool" teenager, I was surrounded by books, paper, and pens! Always! And to Rhonda Mark- OBrien, the girl across the street that I called "Ronnie". God, how I love you! And miss you so much! Thanks for this awesome review. And, if your daughter, meeting and falling for an Iowa boy and MOVING here, isn't fate, then I don't know what is! Get your butt out of California and come visit us!!

**Note to readers: Rhonda and I lost contact MANY years ago and last year at this time, her daughter, born and raised in California, met an Iowa man (a Burlington native, even) and then moved here this year! How crazy is that, right? ! I know you all agree that is FATE!

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