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Beginning in the 70's and told by eleven-year-old, Sippy Johnson, this story will magically take you back in time or let you live in an era you have only heard about. You will feel the child in you come back, smell your grandmother's cooking, and hear the static of AM radio. For those who only dream of the past, your dreams will come true as you live right next to Sippy and grow up with her.
In the story itself, Sippy Johnson has a secret. One she discovered in her family's attic. One she thinks God led her to find. One that shatters her world. Her family. Her life. It's all a lie. And she wants to know the truth.
She confides in her best friend, Max, but, at eleven, he can only offer his friendship. Then she meets Jilly; a forty-three-year-old hippie cousin from Alabama, who listens to rock and roll music and lives a "gypsy" existence, driving all over the country in a converted school bus.
Yet, Sippy finds herself drawn to this beautiful stranger. And she knows in her heart, Jilly knows the truth. So, with a unique relationship with God and a determination to uncover secrets, Sippy goes with Jilly to Alabama.
Told by Sippy, this story follows her to Alabama where she discovers the truth about her life, her family and her faith. But more than that, it is about her lifelong friendship with a hippie cousin from Alabama.
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Other things I am working on:

A short story is in the works to be released as an e-book. It is a work in progress and the avenues it takes keep changing. More info later as it becomes available.

Working on second novel. Not the sequel to Just Sippy that I have been asked for; that still may come later. This one will be more of a chic lit genre. A lot of research involved as I know nothing about rodeo clowns. Why THAT guy wants to play now is beyond me!

Continue to blog here as the notion suits me. Would like to be more regular with it. It's hard to write about nothing and still have it matter. Have not perfected that. (see proof in the Home/Blog tab)

(Past, Present, and Future)

Book Release Party
March 26, 2011

 Yes, this is me. 
And, yes, that is champagne.
Fun times!

Colorado Book Tour
March 29-April 15
With stops in Johnstown, Loveland, Fort Collins, and Denver

 This is me in front of the stage. That is HIS piano. Who? Scroll down!

Author Appearance & Book Signing
Jason's Deli-Dodge Omaha
May 7, 2011 
Farmer's Market
Burlington, Iowa
June 9, 2011

Future Appearances TBA

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