Friday, April 29, 2011

I Need To Get Out More....

Just spent some time reading all of my posts. I really need to get out more.LOL!
I realized I promised a book cover and never posted so I will this time. ROCKS, doesn't it? The book has changed my world. I am not famous. I am not rich...looking for a job, in fact. (At least until Ellen calls....LOL) And it isn't on the shelves at K-Mart, although it is a few local stores and quite a few places in Colorado. I am more known there than in my home town...HA HA!
There is big news brewing though....keeping it under my hat for now but it is BIG! I am excited about it.
I'm also excited about the Royal Wedding though, too, so don't order balloons yet.
My kids thought I was silly for watching the Royal Wedding that started at 3 am my time. I tried to tell them it was crazy not to, but they just didn't get it. Guess I am just a sucker for romance and royality. It was worth it!
Okay, well I have already posted today and quite frankly, need to be doing something outside. Three weeks of rain and clouds....I NEED THE SUN that is shining today.
Just wanted to post the cover...

Will search my day for a topic for tomorrow....

Until tomorrow,

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