Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yes, I Keep Rearranging the Furniture!

And "painting" the walls.
I am referring to the re-design of the blog. Just trying to find the right look. If you have been here before, the previous green was better than the, before that, black, yes? (WOW, that was a horrible array of commas and screwed up wording. Yeah, well, welcome to my world) Anywhoo....the green didn't work for me. Found myself looking behind me wondering where I was each time I came here... So, I painted. White.
It's fresh. It's clean. I needed that. And doing it here was a lot less expensive than doing it to the living room. And less work. And the kids aren't mad at me for it.

So, aside from rearranging things (and promoting the book), I have been job hunting. Now, formally known as "slowly killing my self-esteem one resume at a time". It's become an art form to me really. Changing the wording of cover letters to suit the position desired and re-vamping the resume to showcase talents otherwise hidden.(*Note to prospective employers: Please rest assured I did NOT do any of those things to the information sent to you!)
I have started to use my people voice around the house. The kids thought my mother was here and the cat hissed at me when I asked her nicely not to vomit in the clean laundry. Yeah, I am that good at it!
I hit the mother load at a garage sale a month or so ago. At a church. Business attire! Great clothes. Bargain prices! So, I clean up pretty good. Mastered walking in heels. I wouldn't challenge Kelly Ripa, but I can get around okay.
Now, I am not being vain. I went to a seminar on how to interview effectively. The interviewer told me everything was great. Resume looked good. I articulated well. Held myself great. Okay, he didn't know it wasn't good posture, but that I had a zipper malfunction that was about to puncture the skin near my 4th lumbar vertebrae, but still, I did alright.
So, now what? Well, until the right employer(with an impeccable taste in employees), calls, I will continue to change the wording on cover letters, re-vamp the resume, and practice my people voice, even if it scares the cat.

Maybe I will paint the living room!

Until next time,

P.S. Just Sippy is now available on AMAZON!!!

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