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This page is for those "stalkers" who like to do it openly and publicly. Does that still make you a stalker?
In my quest to find that answer, I actually found the definition of stalker to be quite negative. [don't click that-you know what stalker means.]

With that in mind, I mean no harm by the term and always used it fondly and with much love. [*Note to Self- Look up meanings of pompous and arrogant...may have offended a couple people-oops!]

Anyway, on to how to contact me:

#1 Comment anywhere on this blog.
        ~This is the easiest since you are already here.

#2 Follow this blog.  [highly recommended -(I mean "required", even though it's not)]
         ~Also easy since you are already here.

#3 Follow me on Twitter.
          ~A little more involved. My Twitter name is @JustSippy (go figure). And, I always try to follow back, unless your site is well.....gross for lack of a better word. And by that I mean, well....... i mean GROSS!
Be sure to @ me and say something cute like "that's a peachy butterfly!" [don't ask-I got help on it and well, just go with it.]

#4 LIKE me on Facebook.
           ~Now, this is more involved cause I have to figure out how to tell you to DO that. Let's For ME, the author [person, writer, strange lady behind the blog, "that one girl; pretty sure she's nuts", etc] try this link:

and for the book, Just Sippy, the poignant and inspirational story of faith and friendship by breakthrough author, Kimberly J. Coleman [person, writer, strange lady behind the blog, "that one girl; pretty sure she's nuts", etc] try this link:

If that doesn't work, well, I don't know. Oh wait, I know... leave me an unoriginal, but popular comment that says something like "HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM!" [thanks to Tom Hanks and all the folks at Apollo 13 for that!]

#5 Go to Just Sippy
         ~Another easy one. Select Contact the Author tab and fill out the little form. Can also contact publisher here, at the Contact the Publisher tab [NOTE* if you take this route, please tell them I am fabulous and deserve a big fat raise!!!!]

#6 And, finally, you can E-mail me.
            ~This probably should have been first, huh? [ugh-newbies!]

So, there you have it. How to stalk me openly and publicly. And, yes you are a stalker! :)-

 Disclosure: According to Urban Dictionary however, I may not be "stalkable":
***Note: Far too many idiots think they're more important than they really are. Real stalkers seek out beautiful, interesting, and often famous members of the attractive gender. 90 percent of the people who use the term couldn't get a real stalker to save their lives. 

Rest assured I am working to correct this problem.

***(this note was copied and pasted without the sole permission of Urban Dictionary, but here is their link)
Please finish your business here before clicking-Thanks:)

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