Monday, February 28, 2011

Is This Real Life?

I am beginning to feel like David after the dentist. Is this real life?
So much has happened.
Should have the first look at the physical book this week. Once that is approved, it's all a go! We should be on the shelf by the end of March! Party planning is beginning, I have an author fan page on Facebook, a website ( and the local bookstore has a list of people who want the book. Holy crap!

I am so thrilled and thankful for my life right now. I cherish everyday. I get stressed and the last two months has been full of it but I wouldn't change a thing.

I am nervous. Once I know strangers are reading, I will be really nervous. There are time I get so nauseated, I have to literally stop and breathe a little slower.

This week will be the final stress I think. At least until party day. Or maybe newspaper interview day, or radio spot day. All these events are things in the near future. WOW!

My first book tour is in April. I get to go back to Colorado. And this time it is for fun. Well, work too, I guess, but how cool, right? Maybe this WILL pay the bills. Time will tell. It's a small publisher so no million dollar advance or anything. But, hey, didn't have to pay them either. That's a good thing. Another book signing in Omaha but dates aren't set yet and Ohio at the end of July. Can ya say "WOW!"?
Will try to remember to do another update soon. Time gets away easy these days. But until then, if you have stumbled on to this. Check out the website.
And search for me on Facebook. Kimberly J. Coleman There is an author page and publisher is giving away a FREE copy of the book if we hit 100 fans. We are close!

Will post cover of book when I have one in hand.
This is truly the most amazing life!

Until next time
Casey (Kimberly)
And just so you know, Kimberly is the real name. Casey is just a play on the initials. Was always going to be the "writer name" but when it came right down to it, I used my own name. Just felt right.