Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who Needs a Lovelife...I have Pinterest

Figured it is about time for me to attempt a new post. I originally was going to add the Pinterest Button in the "openly stalk me" section, but as you may have guessed, I do not remember how in the heck to do that. HA!

So, I thought I would write a little and  put that little sucker right here. But, can't figure out that either so just follow this link   --->STALK ME ON PINTEREST

This should allow you to openly stalk me on Pinterest. I don't spend a whole lot of time there...oh, who am I kidding? I spend HOURS there. I don't always "pin", but oh, I'm there! Browsing things I love; clawfoot tubs, photography, and anything involving hot glue or velcro; looking at pictures of places I would like to visit; Greece, Australia, and the ever popular, worlds largest ball of twine; and lastly, finding things I can, but will never have the time, to make. (Note- I have the time to collect the items needed.) This would explain why I have a broken dresser drawer, 23 empty Mason Jars, and all the wickless wax from the last 4 months of candle burning.
Someday I will make something very cool.
*NOTE* In the very likely event that the little code up there did NOT take you anywhere, oops! I will be back to fix it. :) And in the crazy, unheard of event you do not know what Pinterest is, then you need to get out more! GO THERE. It is very cool. GET OUT MORE...START HERE!

So, other than Pinterest, what am I going to blog about? Good question.
What else is there?  Just kidding.

There is my love life. Oh no...we won't go there. My parents READ this! Heck, my KIDS read this!
(*Note to my parents, my children and my bestie, Crystal.
No, there is not a mystery boyfriend you do not know about. I am being humorous. 
DO NOT start blowing up my phone!)

There is my new book...{insert intense John Williams theme music here}
Abrupt end to music..
"Details Soon"

Next...my job...it's killing me. Literally. So, moving right along.

My kids....are absolutely great. But, they still won't write Ellen ( a post about this). UGH!

My friends....still the coolest on the planet. Without them, I would....well, I would drink the wine by myself and it would last a lot longer, and I would probably enjoy the wine itself a lot more....hmmm? Again, just kidding, I wouldn't drink ALL the wine.

My parents....what can I say. They rock!

Ah, my new apartment.
Yes! It is wonderful! Spacious 5 bedroom upper in the heart of downtown. River is about 3 blocks away. My new hair girl is two blocks. Record store around the corner. Truly love living downtown. In fact, got some good shots of the moon the other night. Wanna see?

 And there is a gorgeous church about 5 blocks that is lit up at night..
(I can actually see the steeple from my windows)
So, as you can see, I have the camera back out as well. Yes, the photography bug has caught up to me once again. I spent the weekend taking a lot of pictures. Went on a walk with my granddaughter and took some of her, too....

There you have it. My life. A great view.  A new pad. Surrounded by awesome cuteness. 
And, I have  Pinterest.

Who needs a love life?

Until next time,