Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another Day in the Life of Me...

Okay, so I promised awhile back that these blogs would start being meaningful or did I say purposeful...is that a word? Is there a difference. I think I meant they would basically get better and not just be rambling. I lied.
I ramble and that is all there is to it. It's a flaw.
So, what is my day like? Well, the sun is out finally which is very welcome. Spring is finally here. I am anxious to plant my flowers and start mowing the grass. I won't have a vegetable garden this year, which saddens me. Okay, maybe I will. Just a few tomato plants and maybe some peppers. Yes, that I will do. Just a small one.
But, back to today.
I am at odds with myself over weight. I did so well over the winter, watching it and making sure I didn't pack on those holiday pounds. I was so proud. And then January came. And I left my job. I started writing full time and OMG...freelance writer weight gain-who knew? It is not pretty. Now, my kids and my friends say oh seriously you look fine. WHO are they kidding? So, I am TRYING to lose it.
It's about 15 pounds so it isn't that bad but why is it those extra pounds all go to the same place? You know, spread out a bit wouldn't be so bad. Like 5 in the belly, 5 in the back side and then split the other five up between the "girls"...I could have lived with that...but noooooo....it is all right in the gut! Damn!
So, now I deal with how to hide it. Can't wear sweatshirts in the high 60's, can't not or people look like "damn, moooooove over". So, I wing it while trying to figure out how to lose it.
So, I stop drinking pop. No more Dr. Pepper...sadness! Then I try to always eat breakfast...Special K and bananas. Not bad. Then I bring on the water. I drink a lot of water anyway so drinking even more...a struggle. Then I try cooking differently and the kids go..."WHAT is THAT?" It's brocolli I reply. They order pizza! NICE!
Then, I try exercising. I hate sit ups-they hurt my back. I hate stair climbing-it hurts my knees. I walk. There we go. Not bad but boring! I get an mp3 player. Aretha, The Beatles, KC and the Sunshine Band...great for walking. Then it rains for 3 days. CRAP!
I have about 24 days to lose this weight. I am going on vacation and I want to look and feel great. I do not at this weight. I have to get tough. I have to get serious! I have to go where all women dread.....
JANE FONDA! OMG! She is vicious! She is drastic! The woman is HITLER!
I will start tomorrow! LOL!!
Hey, it's out of the VCR cabinet!(What can I say-it's an old one! LOL)
But that is the plan. Jane everyday!
For now though, I am gonna go walk. It's a nice day and the kids are here with the grandbaby and she wants to go to the park. And she looks adorable at the park...I will show you a pic....see ain't she the cutest? Yep, she sure is. So, off to the park we go. It's a good mile from the house so get me a good little walk in.
Have a great day.
Until next time,

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