Saturday, April 10, 2010


I am betting that the word procrastination is a synonym for Casey! I have walked twice since I last wrote and not even attempted Jane. Isn't that sad? I have now only 2 weeks to get going on this. Actually, the weight is coming off with the omission of soda from the diet. But it's the toning. And the overall "feel good" part. Only exercise will define that.

You know, these blogs were not supposed to be about my inability to lose weight. Not at all. They were meant to be a sounding board for my writing. Or a venting post for my lack there of or my misguided ramblings in the writing that is NOT supposed to contain that.

Yes, this was for the rambling. For the left over stuff that floats around up there. Wish I knew dream analysis. Had a good one last night. Well, not a good dream but a good one for analyzing. Had the ex in it and he was doing the normal begging thing, I was ignoring. There was a non filtered cigarettes with writing on the paper but of course can not remember what it said. There was rain and a bright pink restored old car (owned by my daughters boss) blocking my way. There was more rain and a pack of wild "mean" dogs. I was trying to get away. Trying to climb a stair case of boulders to get away from dogs. One dog appeared to be "gargoyle like". I reached the top of the boulders and tried to call for help but the numbers I had for people wouldn't work. Were the wrong numbers. And then I woke up.

WHAT THE HECK? I can figure out some of it but some of it is just weird! Okay, most is weird but wow! It was crazy.

That is what this is for. Just rambling. Venting.
The book is coming along fine. Wrote some more in it today. Have finally came to term with some obstacles and I think it will be fine. May have to change the idea of no dialogue. Getting harder to do now that characters need to bond. I hate dialogue. I don't write it well at all. Maybe I will do dialogue "snippets". Yeah, I like that.
Time will tell.
Thanks for listening. I am gonna go to bed for now and start over tomorrow. Jane! Jane! Jane! At least a walk.
Until next time.

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