Sunday, March 7, 2010

still figuring this out...

My original intention to starting this blog was interaction. I was looking for a site that had members and one could view and comment and interact with each other. It seems this is that but then again, not. I can not seem to find the place to go and search others posts. There are a few featured, it seems, but not a huge selection. Word of mouth then?
My dad belongs to a blog site where there is much interaction and he has acquired quite a few friends there. I hope this is as such and will one day serve as my spot for friends. I was going to join the one my father is on, but decided he needed his space for speaking without "his daughter being in the room", so to speak.
My kids were mad when I got a myspace...and again when I got a facebook. They are pleased I am here now, even though I still frequent facebook.
This is more for venting...creative expression...real conversation about real things and not just "feed my farm animals". For those of you who don't frequent facebook, just ignore that and trust that you don't wanna know.
I am off again in search of life out there. Can ya hear me now? Is there life out there?

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