Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Writer's Block and Denial...

So, it's not writer's block. That is all I keep saying. And it's not. HA! But yet, my "book" has sat for a week now, without one word being written in it. I know what is going to happen next...I have the first few sentences ready and know once they are written, the rest will flow. But, why haven't I written them?
Oh, I have excuses. I claim there are things I have to change first. I need to know time line and crap...whatever! I know the timeline. I know that my character is about to get on a bus with her hippy cousins and travel to a destination that will enlighten, change, and envelop her. She will grow in such a way that it will make her the person she will be for the rest of her life. WHY do I fear that? Is it even possible to fear for a fictional character? And yes, she is fictional. I suppose parts of her are me, but she is part my sister, my friend, my daughters...she is every young girl I have ever met all rolled into one.
This is the part of the book I have been most excited about. This is the part that I have strived to get to. This is the part I have talked about. "Once she is on the will be great. I won't be able to stop." Is that it? There is a lot that is going to happen now. She is going to meet new in particular. One that will change her life. Maybe that is it. This new character. No, I love the new character she is going to meet. Perhaps I fear the reader won't feel that. Perhaps I worry I will not be able to write this new character with the amount of love necessary. No, I don't think that is it at all.
Well, now my train of thought has stopped again. This is what happens...I am going going and then...poof-stop! Dang it. I need to move my computer into the sun room. The basement was great for isolation in the beginning but now I need sun. And coffee. My coffee pot is upstairs. I actually brought a small one down here but the water is upstairs...what was I thinking. HA!
Okay, now I am babbling. I tend to do that. Ramble. Babble. It's a way to clear my head, I guess. My friends find it annoying. So did all my husbands. HA HA!! That little piece of information could have probably been left unsaid. And it's actually untrue. My husbands found that to be cute. I found THEM to be annoying. But that is a blog all on it's own and someday I may write it...when I am in the mood for a good laugh...of course My Three Stooges has already been done. I will have to call it something else.
Can't really think about a title for that one right now...don't have a title for the current one yet. Some floating around in my just hasn't knocked me off my chair though. Got the second book title. Yeah, there is a second one in my head. That kinda sucks since I started writing this one to get it out of there. I don't think it will stop now. Ideas just keep floating around up there. Wouldn't be bad but it needs to start paying the bills. Maybe I will win the lottery. Not the way to think, right? It will start paying the bills! Soon! Yes, it will!! Maybe that is the problem. I need to believe that. I used to. I could be on to something here.
Hmmm...I do believe I have reached a conclusion. THIS will pay the bills! THIS is what I supposed to be doing!
Gotta go....I got a bus to catch!!

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