Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Daughter...Songwriter, singer, and poet.

My daughter...

Songwriter, singer, poet. She asked me to take her senior pictures. I asked her what she wanted them to say about her. She didn't know exactly but she knew she wanted her guitar in them.
We went to a local park and in all it's beauty, even in this dismal early spring, we could not convey what she wanted to say. We captured awesome shots, submerged in the pines, with sunlight trickling through onto her porcelain skin, reflecting in her crystal blue eyes, but yet none said "this is me!" We had the mighty Mississippi as a breathtaking backdrop, us perched high enough to be the eagles themselves, soaring out into the never ending blue sky. Still, not enough.
Her guitar as her sidekick, laughing, posing, smiling, serious, she tried hard to tell me what she wanted. I changed lenses, softened shots, widened them, and took close-ups; I tried it all.
We left the park and headed to lunch; perhaps she could talk me through it and in some part of conversation with her, I could understand.
I had asked her what her music made her feel like. She didn't have a word for it. I told her, for me, it symbolized life and I told her death was part of life and asked her if she thought it would be morbid to take some of her in the cemetery. She was okay with it. On the way there, we passed the cemetery her grandfather is layed to rest. He, too, was a singer and a guitar player. I went there.
This is a shot we got. She loved it. This is what she feels like when she sings. She sings for every person in her life, past or present.
She sang for him while we were there. She sounded better than ever. We are going back today. She wants close-ups.
This says "This is my daughter;song writer, singer, poet."

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