Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oreo's Don't Bounce!

I chose that title because I did not have another one. I actually stole that from my son. It's a funny little story and ya probably had to be there but it's his favorite quote now. All the kids were sitting around chatting and what not and my son, who tends to wander in his thoughts and his ability to listen, suddenly exclaimed, "Oreo's don't bounce!" He, in his pre-occupation, actually thought one of his siblings had said this and he felt the responsibility to correct them. No one to this day has been able to figure out what was actually said, because everybody cracked up and by the time they dried their tears, not one could remember what they were talking about. So, that's my funny little, you had to be there, story.
Now...for this blog. There is no reason for it. There is no point to it. You will probably not learn a thing from it and will end up saying..."well, that is 12 1/2 minutes I will never get back" but...well actually, but nothing.
Here is my last 24 hours...
Babysat my 5 year old granddaughter, who in her own innocent way, has the mind of a 24 year old, who told me the girl on the TV was HOT!, the voices in her ear tells her she is ugly, and informed me she must let her feet have fresh air or, she doesn't know HOW, but she is sure they will die without it. I made chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, a sash with sticky letters, spelling out I love mommy and i love daddy. Went to Long John Silvers and experienced an odd powdery substance coming out of the salt shaker so returned my food and asked they make fresh, which they did, went through Taco Bell drive thru to accommodate my youngest son who wanted a cheesy gordida crunch, stopped for cigs, screamed at my car when it lost all power after just putting in a new $115 battery, figured out it is in fact the alternator that is defective, screamed at my car again, made up with my car and asked that it please forgive me and start again, drank a pot of coffee, ate some of the mac and cheese I made, found someone to fix my car, checked out ordering flowers for an aunt who is in a nursing home, called to see what movies are playing, called my brother to tell him my car is down again and we can't go bowling tonight, silently cheered that I don't have to go bowling tonight, wished that I was going somewhere tonight, smiled when my daughter said my hair looks really good, checked and replied to 3 emails, checked my facebook and accepted a couple new friend requests, felt really old when I saw a picture of an old friends little brother who is now a grown man, sent my sister a pic of this now grown man to make her feel old as well, watched Sleepless in Seattle, washed a load of laundry, read a card from a friend, put my make up on, did my hair, realized these are in no particular order, called my son, texted my other son, chatted with my daughter, called a friend, called the auto parts store, wrote down the address to the nursing home so I can send flowers, and contemplated writing here or not.
I think that sums it up. Kind of a slow day...LOL!
Well, some of that happened last night...this was a 24 hour recap. Oh I forgot sleeping. I did sleep for about 6 hours. And drank 5 or 6 bottles of water. I need to go get another one now. I drink a lot of water.
I promise the blogs won't always be like this. Some will be worse!
Thanks for stopping by.

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