Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Here....

And so I am still here and apparently averaging a blog every 10 days. NOT a good record. At least not what I was aiming for. But, not bad considering the countless hard copy attempts at the same thing dating back to 1987. Probably earlier if I really look.
So, what is there about today; right now that sparked this once again lame attempt at communication and who exactly am I communicating to? WOW, that was a horrible sentence. And probably not one by definition but I do know what I asked so I will continue. What sparked it? Well, I thought "damn, I should write a little tonight" and then I said "oh but its almost 2" and then I thought, "hey I haven't been on my little blog site in a while. I should probably go there." And here I am.
This is ridiculously lame. Good lord. Maybe I need therapy. No, this is cheaper and far more fun. Fun for me, anyway. You? Well, don't know what to tell you there. Still reading? Maybe YOU need therapy. Or a puppy. Hell, go play scrabble with yourself. Just kidding. If anyone is out there reading, well read on, my friend. And welcome to my world of wordy madness.
Okay now who am I communicating to. Is that even right. Can you communicate TO someone. Don't you have to communicate WITH them? I mean by definition anyway? I should have probably said who am I writing to. Or for? Who am I writing for? Oh, gracious!
I think I have already covered my inability to write properly. Correctly? Well, yeah, you know. That was always my problem in writing my great novel. The run on sentences, passive voice;the list goes on and on. I fixed that problem though. Gave my main character the same inability. Plus she's 11. And from Iowa. So yeah, she writes like an 11 year old little girl from Iowa in 1974. Perfect for me! I have managed to put over 20,000 words on paper now. Pretty happy about that. It's getting good. I am once again happy with it's direction. Good stuff. I will let you know when it's available at Kmart.
We grilled this weekend. The weather was glorious. The burgers were superb and the company was excellent. My kids, my brother and the grand baby. Only one of three, but still a good day. Tomorrow is basement cleaning day. I am actually excited about it. How sad is that? True though. Been looking forward to it. But, I get benefit out of it. The craft room will be up and functional. That is a good thing. And my daughters room will be functional! THAT is a good thing.
So, life is filled with good things. Soon to be clean basement. Character heading in the right direction and book coming to life. Vacation to Colorado in 10 days! Life is good.
Don't get me wrong though...I still have bad hair days, even though I just went yesterday for cut and color...ugh! Ask in a week. My weight still has me in a mess! What the heck...the earth must be a weird gravitational pull. Yeah, I am gonna go with that one. And well...hell, I'm cleaning my own basement and I started my own grill. You figure it out. But dirty socks to pick up and the toilet seat is always down! Life is good!
Okay, done for now. These really will get better. Really. I think I wait until too late at night to be inspired. No, actually I don't write here when I'm inspired. I write here when I am bored and about to go to bed. It's clear my head time. I will try to write when inspired just once. Or maybe just have an actual topic. That would maybe at least serve a purpose.
So, there you have it...boredom sparked it and well, I'm writing to you!
Goodnight, my friend.
Until next time

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