Friday, July 1, 2011

Things I've Done...Things I Wish 2011

I thought it fitting to make a "Half Way Through Year 2011" list. Why? Well, because it's July 1st and that's half way through year 2011. Try to keep up! :)
So, most of you know I have been crazy busy since last August. And that I am not a consistent blogger despite my attempts to be. And that I usually write about addiction to coffee, Dr. Pepper, and cigarettes, or I just babble.
Well, this post is not a venture away from the norm. I am going to post about kids, my book, my addiction to coffee, Dr. Pepper, and cigarettes, and I am going to babble. It's just going to be in an organized "list". Yeah, I know, exciting, huh? Yeah, I know....I need to get out more.

So, here we go. A list of things I've done and things I still wish (either for or about) half way through year 2011...
(in no particular order)

Survived Blizzard 2011...
This is not my driveway but is courtesy of my friend's facebook page the morning after. Thank, RB!
Lived through yet another Valentine's Day
Saw my book cover for the first time.
Approved my final edit.
Did a radio interview.
Kept a promise to a friend.
First person I ever told that I was writing a book and promised him the first copy.
Love ya, Skippy, (aka K.H.)

Released Just Sippy to the public...With a fantastic PARTY!

(Still feeling gratitude and love for all who attended!)

Received Elton John concert tickets that night! AMAZING!
Started Book tour in Colorado. Spent 3 glorious weeks there.
April 12, 2011 SAW ELTON JOHN IN CONCERT! Don't mean to scream but seriously, it was ELTON!
Promoted book throughout Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa
Back at home, I planted flowers and gave my yard much needed color!
Spent a weekend in Omaha with my bestie and had another book signing.
Proposed to John Cusack. (more than once, actually!)
Had a Mother's Day picnic with the kiddos
Did a book signing at the Farmer's Market and tasted the best cantaloupe of my life!
Spent many Wednesday's in "The Joe Zone" (Click the link to learn more about these glory days)
 The Joe's "Family Famous" rendition of The Star Spangled Banner. Classic!
Spent Sundays with kiddos for family day; watching movies, playing board games, sitting on the deck, and eating large quanities of food!
Received great reviews of my book, Just Sippy. Read some of them here. And on Amazon!

Celebrated 40 years of marriage with my parents!
THIS was a good time!
Wrote songs with my daughter
Filmed my daughter singing her own songs. (Videos coming soon, I promise)
Started being a little more faithful to my blog. And Twitter. 
Started a "full blown, now is the time to get serious, no more kidding around, revamp the resume, personalize all cover letters" job search!
Drank an obsessive amount of coffee.
Cut back on Dr. Pepper
Thought about cutting my hair on several occasions
Thought about dieting on several occasions
Made a lot of new friends, in person, and on Twitter, Facebook, and in the Blog world.
Started a new story.
Saw awesome fireworks at local carnival (cried like a baby...Weird, I's a flaw)
Rode a ferris wheel
Changed that new story
Took a break from that story
Welcomed my mother back for a visit.
Cleaned my house profusely before my mother's visit.
Sang karaoke
Experienced the best 6 months of my life!

Now, for my wishes...
Weight loss
Good hair days
A fantastic employer to realize I am all that AND a bag of chips and need a snack!
See glorious fireworks!
Be #1 on Amazon. (Hey these are wishes!)
George Clooney to stop waiting for me and get married already! I hate being responsible for all these super models' broken hearts. It's just not fair. MOVE ON GEORGE!
Get my daughter to go viral on youtube (Videos soon, I promise)
Have another picnic
Go camping and fishing
Forever "In the Joe Zone" days!
My son to suddenly realize taking out the trash is his job!
My grass to be mowed regularly.
Benefits! (note to possible future employer...lack of this is NOT a deal breaker! Seriously. Not a deal breaker.)
Time to organize my house
Have a successful, "sorry, I'm sold out" garage sale!
Go to garage sales (if the above is accomplished, I will have so much room!)
A bigger, less expensive house. (I know....wishes, remember?)
Have a functional kitchen! (you have no idea! Design on a Dime couldn't fix this!)
A Dishwasher
GET A JOB! (Attention all employers...check your mail....I'm in there! And I ROCK!)
Open my own business. (great idea/no capital. Attention: Investors....LOL!)
Go back to school (This should have been #1, if it was in order. Just sayin')
Win the lottery!
Write more songs with my daughter. (she's a genius.)
Last night I wrote words and in less than 10 minutes, she had melody!
It was nuts! Video soon...
I do have a blooper.....she would kill me....
If she knew...
Okay, but promise not to tell her. 
Oh, and don't hold it against me as a blogger, writer, friend, person, or parent....
Like a sailor. Just once. And she actually SINGS it.....well, okay. 
Send your kids out of the room and then play the video. 
Remember, it's a blooper......oh, and don't tell her!
LMAO! We laughed so hard! It was excellent!
Well, this post is long enough and if you are even still reading, well, thank you so much. It wasn't my intent to really babble this much.
You know I can really sum it up by saying that I have had a great 2011 so far.
Yes, it has had it's ups and it's downs.
It is getting a little scary.
But, I have great kids and awesome parents and I know it is going to be okay!
Did I mention I would really like a job?
Until next time,


  1. Quite a year so far! And there are 6 more glorious months to go.. One of your wish that I would love to see come true is you being a guest at Ellen!

  2. Thanks to both of you and welcome. Stop by anytime.


  3. I'm not a consistent blog-dropper-inner, but I do enjoy reading what other bloggers have to say. You look like you're enjoying the book launch. Congratulations.

  4. Welcome to you. Drop by anytime. The book launch was great! Thanks!