Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's a Trend!

I am seeing a trend.
No, not on Twitter. Come on, people...it isn't always about Twitter. (Right? Please tell me that's right, cause I put some stupid stuff on Twitter.)
Okay, anyway, don't side track me. Have you not realized by now, that my attention span is NOT a virtue! Seriously, I'm like those dogs in that one movie...."SQUIRREL!" What movie was that? OH---See? Stop that.
(UP, The Movie)
Okay, so, I am seeing a trend.
First, I saw a blog about dating over 40....oh crap, now I gotta go find it so I can link you to it. Apparently, it really is a thing. And then, I saw an article about getting a job over 40. (Crap, I need that link, too) This could take some time! (Dating Over 40 and The Other One)
Okay, so I got to thinking...is there something wrong with being over 40? Is it a stigma? Is it contagious? Cause, I think people think it is. Then I got to thinking about all the other "groups" that have a stigma...you know, like a blemish on your character...or a big oozing pock mark on your personality. Depends on the level of self esteem you have left as to how you view these groups....Some can be compliments-others, not.
But, we do group people. As a society we "group" people, like little fraternities, but without the cool parties!

Single mothers * Divorced Women * Divorced Single Mothers * Dead Beat Dads * Stay Home Moms *Stay Home Dads * Self Published Authors * Women Over Forty * Fifty and Fabulous * Big and Tall * Domestic Goddesses *Smokers * Ex-Smokers *99-ers *Non-Traditional Students *Job Seekers *Applicants *Working Mothers * Women Writers * Career Women * Baby Boomers * Players * Gamers * Bloggers * Indie Authors * Teen Mothers/Fathers

Obviously not a complete list, but, some of the most popular. So, what does this all mean and what is my point? Well, obviously, I don't have a point and it means nothing....kinda like that game show, where nobody wins and the points don't matter. (Who's Line Is It Anyway)
But, on that same note, there is something I want. Something that we should do. If we are gonna group people that is...

I mean, seriously! Why not? What better way to prove we are not judging anybody by grouping them? That's right. I said throw parties!
It's easy....from now on, when we group somebody by saying "she's a single mom" or "they are smokers" or "hey, all women over 40"...I'm thinking that conversation should end with "You are cordially invited to...."
How much fun would that be? It'd be freakin' awesome. In fact, I think this idea should be retroactive. By that I mean, we owe people a lot of parties.
Heck, just based on the above list.....

I am a Single Divorced Mother Over 40 who spent years as a Stay Home, Domestic Goddess, before becoming a Non-Traditional Student to be a Working Mother in a world full of Job seekers and Applicants until finally going for the dream of a Woman Indie Writer. Add to that I have become a 99-er, a Blogger, a Chronic Smoker and mother of a Teen-Father who is a Stay Home Dad. And now, I am well on my way, to being Fifty and Fabulous! (that's enough parties to get me to retirement!!)

So, what about that trend of being over 40? Dating over 40? Getting a job over 40?
Doesn't matter really....
I heard #FiftyIsTheNew29 is going to trend on Twitter!
And it really is all about Twitter! Right?

Until next time,


  1. I believe you are making a good point here. Hah, I like your party idea. The other day my friend told that she was going to a party every time I get a new book while she's at college. I told her it was suicide, and I think your idea for parties would be, too. Although, it's a great idea!

  2. Thanks, I always am up for a good party. It would be joyous. Not sure about your friend's idea though...has she seen your blog? I have. I don't think she would have any time to study if she went party vs book against you. There would be 24/7 madness in her dorm. LOL!
    Thanks for the visit. Stop by anytime.


  3. Yay! Go Kimberly. I'm over 60 and I love to party!