Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Mother's Coming...CLEAN!

Do any of you have this response to an announced visit from your mother? Can there really be an entire post about it? Well, in my life the answer to question one is "OMG, YES!" and for the second question, "I could write a BOOK about it" but we will just go with a post...(she READS my BOOKS)

So, that will be the next post will be dedicated to my mother's it's entirety. Pre-arrival through departure. Although, it may go beyond that as she will haunt me for 3 weeks, remembering each detail of my house, my habits, and the inventory of my refrigerator.

I would love to start now and write the whole post but..... SHE IS STILL HERE!

Gotta go for now....she's coming! Brillo pads? She just asked for brillo pads. This can't be good.....

Until next time,


  1. Kimberly - I know what you mean. I'm in Australia and my Mom was in Britain and so the chances of her visiting were always slim. But now that she's departed and theoretically could be a ghost, and travel here any time she feels like it - has thrown me into a panic. I need to clean everything lest she discovers the truth lol :)

    Good luck!

  2. Ah Rory- shudder at the thought of the "anytime" visits. I have at least a warning now. LOL!
    Mine has now decided to stay another week--I, too, am now in panic mode! HA! Happy cleaning to you.
    Thanks for stopping by my life of madness.


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