Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where's My Creative Flow?

File. Select all. Delete.
What is wrong with my creative flow? Where are my words of wisdom? Humor? New thought provoking posts, are empty pages or lonely drafts, unseen by others and taunting to me.
There was one about my Princess status being revoked, complete with my utter dismay, chronological analyzation, and a major bashing of all known "Princes"...respect for my male followers put that one on the "Save for Later" list.
The one about my job and the amount of testosterone I am amid daily, comparing it to marriage, due to my need for medication and the desire to throw heavy objects, was completely deleted as it was somewhat incriminating and, while, hysterically funny, not a good idea-I still work there!
And the one about my sister and her recent dealing with marital abandonment and complete disrespect by her husband of 22 years, my dumb-ass brother in law, What's His Face, is being saved and turned into a private, personal email that I will send when the time is right.
So, what's left?
Well, there is Christmas and the Santa debate. You know the one where people don't believe. I mean, come on. That notion that the parents do the gifts and eat the cookies. That can't be right. My parents would NOT come into my house in the middle of the night, leave presents under the tree and eat the cookies. They just wouldn't DO that. Besides, we go to their house and exchange gifts. They don't need to do it in secret. So, that idea just doesn't hold water. So, that post didn't either. It's an open and shut case! Santa is real!

So, that leaves the stand by post for end of year creative drought....
Things to Accomplish in 2012
Most lists I have seen have 100.  However, due to a severe and chronic case of procrastination, I will start with 10. These are in no particular order...

Go on a Real Date. (*Note: Going to the corner bar, the drive-thru at McDonalds or running to Kmart is NOT a date!)
Organize the House (this could take most of 2012 and should not be taken lightly or seriously...a 2-1/2- year-old lives here with her 18-year-old father!)
Stop Smoking (YEAH....there is the humor!)
Lose Weight (this would be weight gained by trying/accomplishing the above goal! Thinking ahead here!)
Write More (Write in this blog, expand on novel #2, finish a couple short stories, catch up on letters to family/friends, emails, notes to the kids, and write and send a letter to Santa to thank him!)
Smile More at the People I Meet. After all, I paid a lot of money for these teeth....May as well show 'em off!
Regain Princess Status...can be done with a pair fancy shoes, a shiny diamond necklace, and a new sparkly dress! Or, according to my granddaughter, I can marry a Prince...I'll take the shoes!
Redecorate My Kitchen Can you say fire engine red microwave?
Take Myself on a Date. (*Note: Going to the corner bar, the drive-thru at McDonalds or running to Kmart IS a date!)
Sleep Sounder, Dream Bigger, Live Fuller, Eat Better, Love Unconditionally, and Always, and I mean ALWAYS, Have an Alibi!

File. Select all. Post

Until Next Time,


  1. wow, it seems like the wrong time for a man to be following your blog ;-}. It is refreshing to see someone else also believes in Santa too, the only man that can be trusted me thinks.

    I love the idea of going on a date to McDonalds NOT. That chap must have been flush that day.

    I love your "Things to Accomplish in 2012", I am going to be watching with interest to see how you get on.

    Your style of writing is very good and makes for entertaining reading. I wish I had your command of the English language, maybe along with my photography it is something I can work on.

    Well off out with the camera, I am looking forward to coming back and reading some of your earlier posts.


  2. Welcome Si. Peeked at your photography-very good! I had a photography studio at one time-in another life it seems-specialized in portraits. Did some nature shots on the side...still play now and then. Stop back anytime. I am trying to post more frequent, but time get away from me.
    Happy day to you!


  3. I definitely agree with the statement to write more! I'm an English teacher who is taking the year off to try my hand at blogging and to write that book I always wanted to write. I'm glad to have found your site. The sense of humor you bring to your entries is great!

  4. Hi Jeri,
    Glad you found the site, too. I am a procrastinator at heart so hold on for a lot of promises to write more and then a lot of posts about those promises. HA!
    I am happy you are writing. Best of luck to you in that endeavor. It feels fantastic!
    Stop by anytime. I am here now and then. :)