Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What Now?

Well...the results are in!

The "in-house" critic called it "the best story she has ever read" and my sister has not "been this sucked in to a story since The Shack" and also sent me the most touching email ever about the way it made her feel, think, cry and laugh. I am still in the "oh my god" phase of this positive feedback.

My best friend has been reading slowly but did, in fact, blow up my phone for the next chapters. My "northern" best friend also has it but I have not heard any feedback yet...he is, however, a city slicker and probably busy with the night life. I will wait patiently.....LIE...I will text him today!

The kids have begun....they like it, but have not had that "can't put in down...OMG MOM! This is unbelievable!" reviews I was hoping for. A neighbor of my mom's is going to read it, my niece will read and another friend and her daughter will read next week when they return from vacation.
Those reviews will be honest as they do not know the hidden references to my real life that serve as memory or humor to my sister or mom. I wonder if those inferences made it more entertaining for my close family?

But, aside from the others, my dad also has it. Now, he is forgetful so it may take awhile for him to remember he has it. He is also tired and naps alot due to his cancer fighting medications. But, he is also a writer and busy with writing his latest venture, which is about baseball so he is passionate, excited and consumed with finishing it.

But, his review is also important for me...because of his writing, but also, because of his view on the things I wrote about....family, heritage, music, love, God, loss, friendship, and life.

This list could go on and on and be filled with people I want to read the story...I want the world to read it. How do I go about doing that? I have checked into some of it and it seems like a dead-end road. There must be a publisher out there though, looking for this kind of story. I have faith that there is. And I have faith I will find them.

What now?
Re-edit over and over while I look for a publisher to read it?
Keep my head up...
Stay positive.....
Have faith....
Maybe I will call Oprah....LOL!

Until next time

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